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"We were city folk, my family wereand proud of it. We lived under the floor of a miller's shop. Across the street from our place was a butcher's shop, and next door to us was a dyer'swhere they dyed cloth different colors before it went to the tailor's to be made into suits.

"Yes," said the snake, "only half of me is in yet."

"More food!" murmured Too-Too. "What did I tell you?"

"Great heavens!" cried the Doctor. "What a start you gave me! Come in, come in, and make yourself at home."

Now, the Captain, expecting the slavers to put up a fight, also gave orders to get the guns ready. And just as they were about to round the long cape one of the silly gunners let a gun off by accident.

Then King Koko again begged him to take charge of the post office and try to get it running in proper order. And the Doctor said he would see what he could do. And, going into the post office, he took off his coat and set to work.

"That was a queer-looking customer, wasn't he?" he said to Dab-Dab.

"The mists are always there," said the snake"always have been. In them the first rainbow shone."

Out in the open great banks of gray mist rolled and joined and separated as the wailing wind pushed them fretfully hither and thither over the face of the waters.

"That's a sign we're near open water," said Dab-Dab.

"And we've got the pearls, too," cried Too-Too. "They're in the stamp drawer and Jip is guarding them."


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The King examined it, then shook his head. He didn't know much about bones.

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Mudface's landing on his new home was quite an occasion. The Doctor paddled out alongside of him till they reached the island. Until he set foot on it, John Dolittle himself had not realized what a large piece of ground it was. It was more than a quarter of a mile across. Round in shape, it rose gently from the shores to the flat centre, which was a good hundred feet above the level of the lake.

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"Cheapside is a London sparrow," said the Doctor, "who visits me every summer in Puddleby. The rest of the year he lives around St. Paul's Cathedral. He builds his nest in St. Edmund's left ear."

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"Then an idea came to meone of the best ideas I ever had. I left the bushes and came trotting up to George, wagging my tail. And how I thrilled with pride as the great Morland recognized me! For, mind you, he had met me only once beforeback in the autumn of 1802.

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The animals now began to look forward to the evening story-tellingthe way people do to regular habits that are pleasant. And for the next night they arranged among themselves before-hand that it should be Dab-Dab's turn to tell a tale.

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Then he strode through the prison door out into the sunlit street, while the frightened people fell back on either side and covered their faces, whispering:

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After about an hour had gone by the Doctor noticed that the ship they were trying to reach was no longer coming toward them, but seemed to have stopped. And when he finally came up beneath its towering shape in the darkness he saw the reason whythe man-o'-war had run into his own ship, which he had left at anchor with no lights. However, the navy vessel had fortunately been going so carefully that no serious damage, it seemed, had been done to either ship.